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Quick Facts

Population: 1862
First Class City
2nd largest city in the county
Fire Rating - 5
Jackson County
County Judge- Jeff Phillips
Representative District 52
Senate District 3
Mayor/Council form of Government

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City Officials

City Clerk Treasurer: Pamela Cawthon
Phone: 870 349-5313 ext. 3







City Councilmembers:
  Keith Riley, Ward 1

 Doug Stapleton, Ward 1

 Kristie Moody, Ward 2

 Steve Finney, Ward 2

 Mitzi Milligan, Ward 3

 Kaye Person, Ward 3

 City Inspector: Carl Hibbard
Phone: 870-624-0142
 Office in City Hall

Code Enforcer: Terry Adams 

Phone: 870-349-2424